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BEZA- A od Pysi Oprysi


Champion Poland

Champion Russia

3x JCAC, 14x CAC, 9x BOS, 5x BOB,

1x CACIB, 1x r.CACIB, 2x Cert. RKF



13.08.2002 - 28.12.2007
father: Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Au, Lux, J.Ch.Pl, J.CW, Pl.W '98  Tobias les Petits Archanges
Ivory Nowa Nadzieja
breeder: Małgorzata Adrianowska


On 28th December 2007 she passed away in the enormous suffering inflicted by incompetent practices of veterinary surgeons. Now she is probably gamboling in a different, better dog's land and there collects another trophies.
When she entered my home for the first time, a completely new chapter of my life has started. It was the beginning of my huge fascination with this breed that lasts until now. For me the only one consolation is the fact that she has left ten small creatures- lup po prostu puppies, in which her blood is flowing.

It is too harmful for me to write anything else...
My beloved dog passed away too early...



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Int.Ch, Ch.Pl, Au, Lux, J.Ch.Pl, J.CW, Pl.W '98

Tobias les Petits Archanges

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Ivory Nowa Nadzieja


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